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Software that goes to the heart of trading


KingTrader is an interactive trading software built for Betfair exchange users. KingTrader can offer you excellent overview, live updating Betfair prices, and much more solutions that allow you the fastes and the easiest trading ever.

KingTrader is an official and certified Betfair Vendor API Solution, so you can be ensure that we are delivering a secure, complaint solution. Download KingTrader now and find out that there is a way to make trading simple.

KingTrader is an interactive trading software


KingTrader is the software that displays live Betfair markets, allowing you to act and bet faster than ever. Choose among the Grid interface like at Betfair webiste, the Ladder interface that displays the prices vertically or the Horizontal Ladder that looks like a combination of first two interfaces, update the prices up to 200 milliseconds, use any tool that can help you betting more effectively. This makes KingTrader perfect trading software for those who want fast, efficient and fully featured trading tool.

Mark your bet during the bet delay period to cancel it as soon as it reaches the Exchange market. It means that if this bet or part of it become unmatched, the bet or its part will be canceled immediatley after bet delay period ends.

Represents the sum of all unmatched bets that are placed before your bet is placed at that particular price. Each change on your bet price reflects on Matching order value. As this value becomes lower, your bet is closer to become matched.

The NET button shows your net position on each selection. The LMS button represents last matched stake. Using these buttons you can act fast when you have partly matched bets and you need to submit irregular stake size.

Dutching/Bookmaking is a strategy that consists in placing back/lay bets simultaneously in multiple selections, covering the favourite outcomes. It allows for a great reduction of risk and divide the secured profit between favourite selections.


Practice Mode

Link Bets

Candlestick-Traded amounts

Progres Bar

Fast Support

Multiple Market Monitoring

Stake Betting


Fast Price Rifresh

Hedge Button


Price/Volume Graph

Weight Of Money

Cancel All Unmatched Bets

Bet Updating

Exchange Traded

Market Navigation

Full Market Depth

Liability Betting

What If Figure

User Guide


Keep The Bet

Active Bets


Matched Volume

Sound Alerts


Dutch All Button

Ladder Rotation

Ladder Movement Control

Choose V-Ladder Cell Dimensions


Matched Bets Display Modes

Stop Loss


Drip feed

Fill Or Kill

Tick Offset




Betfair Video


Grid is a standard interface, like at Betfair webiste, but with several improvements. It displays four best prices on each side of a selection. Grid shows all selections, and you can quickly see if market is trending or ranging. Place bet windows allow you to place bets and react very quickly.

The KingTrader’s V-Ladder interface displays prices vertically. It allows you to view all available odds on specific selection. The Ladder view will be familiar to anyone who has ever traded on the Stock Exchange. On a Ladder view the full market depth is shown. This enables you to see where the market has been and help you evaluate where it might be heading in the short term. Placing a bet on the Ladder interface is simple and easy. With your stake already set all you need to do is to point and click to place a bet, cancel it or amend. The Ladder interface allows you to place orders immediately.

The H-Ladder interface just like vertical Ladder interface allows you to view all available odds on a specific selection and to place a bet in one click. H-Ladder is displaying market in a horizontal format, so it is a combination of Grid and Ladder interfaces.



Your Idea, Our Solution

Would you like to see your idea implemented in a trading software, the idea that can optimize your trading or just to do some calculations? You have come to the right place.

How many times did you think about the diverse tools that you would like to see in a betting software and that you have an idea which tool could help you, simplify your betting and boost your profit?

Our mission is to improve KingTrader software on the regular basis, seeking for the best solutions for trading and automate betting.

Our final goal is that our software is not a barrier, that all traders have tools they need. By using their own strategy traders get more chance to increase their efficiency. Contact us and share your ideas and thoughts.




This will enable software parts extraction and customization. It will be possible to choose which parts you want to monitor and it's dimensions.


BSP Betting

You will be able to place a bet at Betfair Starting Price. The price is determined by balancing bets from customers who want to back and lay with no profit margin built in the price



A set of new charts for a more accurate study of the market movements through time

Download KingTrader Now & Experience Endless Possibilities.