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is registered trading software certified by Betfair, tested nad approved as secure software.
It is a professional and advanced Betfair betting and trading product.

Behind KingTrader project there is a team of long-time traders. Our 10 years experience of trading brought us the exact knowledge that is needed to develop the perfect piece of software. We carefully designed the software and it’s parts so it can go along with the sophisticated needs of all kind of traders, newbies and experts. Carefully setted shortcuts, tools and features, so traders can use their strategy and get more chance to increase their efficiency. Our final goal is that our software is not a barrier, that all traders have tools they need.

We are dedicated to developing our software on daily basis, we are listening our user’s needs, communicate with them. Our focus is on simplicity, efficiency and constant improvement of clear-sightedness, tools, features, automatization and fast interaction between trader and software.

KingTrader does not process and accept or decline bets. Software just read and analyse Betfair data and present them to users through several interfaces and matched/unmatched control display. KingTrader links directly to the Betfair servers through their API (Application Programming Interface).

KingTrader is the trading name and product of MagicSoft Pr, a company registered in Republic of Serbia, company number 65211670. The registered office address and contact information for MagicSoft Pr company are: Serbia, 11147 Belgrade , Marine Velickovic 14, tel.: +381113570289, contact email: support@kingtrader.info

Since we launched KingTrader in Januray 2018, our users recognized the quality, we received many feedbacks, most of them are highly positive. But we are not satisfied, we will continually work on improvements, until we achive the highest levels and we proudly say our name, the King.