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[Sticky] Next update features  


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22/07/2019 7:37 pm  

Here is a list of new features and fixes in the next KT release:


1. Software adjusting - KT will adjust every tab, price cells, letters font, buttons to your monitor dimensions and screen resolution. You will be able to choose big, medium and small software resolution. This will allow you to see more selections in Grid and both Ladders, with more visible prices.

2. Left tabs - The software will remember which left tab is active for each market tab. 

3. User manual - Complete user manual (in English, Portuguese in the 2nd update, Russian 3rd update), from registering and logging to trading and tools.

4. KingTrader videos - Video tutorials for KingTrader: Getting started, Overview, Setting up KingTrader, Practice Mode, Interfaces, Trading, Features, etc. (in English, Portuguese in the next update).

5. Total matched amount - Total market matched amount will be added in V-Ladder and H-Ladder interface.

6. Bug fixes - Software occasional crashing, Error message during fast switching between market tabs.

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