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[Sticky] Next update  


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13/02/2021 4:37 pm  

Next update:



                                                                         BOT CREATOR 


This feature will allow you to create, test in practice mode and run your own bot, by combining all available parameters like result, event status, selection price, market/event type, market start time, last traded price, amount traded, etc., and bot actions like place the bet, update the bet, cancel it, remember the market parameters, etc. We will develop the most unique and easiest Bot tool with unlimited skills in automated trading.


2.) User manual – Updated user manual(1st update in English, 2nd update in Portuguese), from registering and logging to trading and tools

3.) KingTrader videos – Video tutorials for KingTrader: Getting started, Overview, Setting up KingTrader,Practice Mode, Interfaces, Trading, Features, etc. (in English, Portuguese in the next update)

4.) Multilanguage - Software, website, user manual and videos will be translated to many languages(first update in Portuguese)

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08/02/2022 10:08 am  

A very creative and great idea, I think this idea will be implemented and invented many other ideas.