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Roadmap features
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[Sticky] Roadmap features  


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22/07/2019 7:54 pm  

Here is a list of all future updates. This list can be changed if you suggest an idea that can improve KT and make it better for all users. Features will be released in the same order as they are written in the list: 


1. Customization - This will enable software parts extraction and dimensions customization. For example: It will be possible to separate one or more selections from the software and to reduce the dimensions of ladders, grids , their price cells, bets control space, etc.

2. Multi market monitoring - This will enable extraction and monitoring multiple selections in all interfaces, their graphs, bets...

3. One click betting - It will be possible to use Grid interface in one click mode

4. Bet delay in Ladders - Bet delay will be shown in Ladders's unmatched bet control space

5. Result and stats - Every market will show result and statistics for currently displaying market's event

6. Multilanguage - Software, website, user manual and videos will be translated to many languages(first update in Portuguese)

7. BOT CREATOR - This feature will allow you to create your own bot, by using all available parameters like result, current event status, price, market type, event type, market start time, last traded price, etc., and bot actions like place the bet, update the bet, cancel it, remember the market parameters, etc.

8. New Grid interface - New interface will allow you to choose how many prices you want to see, one click betting, new place bet window, etc.

9. Left tabs - It will be possible to hide left menu to expand the number of ladder selections or visible grid prices.

10. Alert sounds - Edit all alert sounds by adding your own sounds

11. Charts - We will add many new charts for analyzing price, money and matching bets movements

12. Grid selections - Choose which selection you want to monitor in Grid interface(this feature is good if you want to monitor only one or two horses or current correct score selection in a football match)

13. Horse racing interface - Interface that will visualise horse race and allow you to place one click bets

14. Grid Hedging options - This feature will allow you to choose Hedge not only at best available price, but to choose your Hedging method like last traded price, best available price, 2nd best available, etc.

15. Practice mode - Many new improvements in Practice mode with all features available to use and more realistic bet matching

16. Link bets - Link and place two or more bets from different markets in single click

17. Staring price - Place a bet at Betfair starting price

18. Event menu - Rearranging events and market menu, displaying your favourite markets and events on the top

19. Keyboard shortcuts - Set your shortcuts for event/market search, bet placement, bet cancelation,etc.

20. Back/Lay weight percentage proportion - Choosing how many back and lay prices to count for money weight on both sides(back and lay)

21. KingTrader colours - Colour editing(clock, back/lay,price,money, etc.)

22. Sport interface - Interface like at sportbooks websites that allows you to see all markets at once with best back and lay price

23. Markets with special calculations - Profit/loss and what if calculation for special markets like Asian handicap

24. Market summary - This will show your winnings on a market after market closure, with Betfair charges included(optional)

25. XML files - Monitor Betfair prices, set your triggers and bet from XML

26. Non-runners - Exclude runners that do not participate in event

27. New Favourite tab - This feature will allow you to choose markets that you may use for a particular event

28. Sports results - A list of all today's sports results for all sports

29. Tipster - Predict event or market outcome and share with others

30. SMS service - Service that will allow you to send an SMS to yourself if something important to you happens on event

31. Market information and rules - All Betfair rules and information and related to currently monitored market

32. Refresh menu - Set the period to refresh a Betfair events/markets menu

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