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KingTrader is something completely new in the field of trading. The software is carefully designed for trading and automate betting on Betfair exchange. It contains a vast range of features designed and created as a result of many years of trading expirience. Unlike traditional trading KingTrader can offer you excellent overview and provides real time charting of the market price movements. It allows you to trade on multiple markets simultaneously.

Try Grid interface, that is similar in appearance to Betfair's website interface and that displays four prices either side or try the Ladder interface that displays Betfair prices in a vertical ladder and allows you to manage your bets on a market faster and more conveniently. You can place and cancel bets with maximum possible speed using just one mouse click.

Betfair trading is like stock exchange market trading, where speed is the most important thing. You need the fastest and the most comprehensive tools available to boost your profit. KingTrader is the right solution for you.


KingTrader is the software that displays live Betfair markets, allowing you to act and bet faster than ever. Choose among the Grid interface like at Betfair webiste, the Ladder interface that displays the prices vertically or the Horizontal Ladder that looks like a combinaction of first two interfaces, update the prices up to 200 miliseconds, use any tool that can help you betting more effectively. This makes KingTrader perfect trading software for people who want fast, efficient and fully featured trading tool.

The Grid

Grid is a standard interface, like at Betfair webiste, but with several improvements.

It displays four best prices on each side of a selection.

Grid shows all selections, and you can quickly see if market is trending or ranging.

Place bet windows allow you to place bets and react very quickly.

There are various options and buttons across the Grid interface, like Stake/Liability betting, Hedging, Net and Lms buttons, bet linking and much more.

The Ladder

The KingTrader's Ladder interface displays prices vertically. It allows you to view all available odds on specific selection. The Ladder view will be familiar to anyone who has ever traded on the Stock Exchange.

On a Ladder view the full market depth is shown, along with all the values associated with prices, volume already traded, amounts available, etc. This enables you to see where the market has been and help you evaluate where it might be heading in the short term.

Placing a bet on the Ladder interface is simple and easy. With your stake already set all you need to do is to point and click to place a bet, cancel it or amend. The Ladder interface allows you to place orders immediately. Being able to place orders into Betfair so quickly and accurately allow traders to place a large number of trades in a very short space of time.


Displays how much time is left until scheduled start time, after market starts Stopwatch shows how much time passed since event turned in-play.


Hedging is betting on both sides of an event to ensure you make a profit, regardless of the outcome. It is just a way to reduce or eliminate the risk of a bet. You would generally look to hedge a bet when you are no longer comfortable with the bet you have made.

Keep the bet

You can choose to "keep" the bet once the market turns in-play if it is not matched prior to the off. This provides another opportunity to get your bet matched, although there is still no guarantee you will be matched.

Link Bets

Link bets is an option that allows you to link several place bet windows and to submit them with just one click. Right now you can link bets only from one market.

Market filter

You can restrict markets by sport type, event name, country or venue associated with the market, or restrict to markets that are currently or will turn in-play.

Active bets

Active bets tab will show you all your current bets(matched and unmatched)ie. bets that are not settled yet from all events and markets.

Place bet window

Place bet window contains following options: Link bet that allows you to link several bets and submit them with just one click, keep the bet option, quick stake changing and bet side changing from back to lay and vise versa.

Net and Lms buttons

The Net button shows your net position on each selection. The Lms button represents last matched stake. Using these buttons you can act fast when you have partly matched bets and you need to submit irregular stake size.


Choose your favourite sport, competition, or event and transfer it to the "Favourite" tab.

Matched volume

KingTrader shows the total amount matched on each selection and the total amount matched on the market.

What if figure

This figure will show you what your position will become if the bets you are proposing get matched. It includes bets you have already placed. The "What if" figure changes as you adjust the stake or the price you want to take.

Liability betting

It is mainly useful when you are placing a lay bet, because lay bet is requiring some calculations. Liability "stake" is a term which represents the amount of money used to cover a bet, or simply liability "stakes" are risk stakes.

Price/Volume graph and Exchange Traded

Price/volume graph shows a price movements over time and the volume, or flow of the weight of money. Graphs are a tool for visualizing how a market is moving. Exchange Traded represents the total amount of money that has been matched at each price.

Sound alerts

Under the settings menu there is Sounds tab where you can choose that software plays a sound in critical moments during an event. Sounds will be played when market is suspended, whenever a bet or part of bet is matched, when market turns in-play...


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You need assistance? The User Manual contains all essential information for the user to make full use of KingTrader software. Description of software functions and step-by-step explanation to most complicated tricks and tools.