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FAQ Page

1. Is the software Betfair security certified?

The software has been tested and certified by Betfair themselves. Betfair tests the software and every new version released to ensure that it complies with certain security rules stipulated by Betfair.

2. Which information do I share to use KingTrader?

All we need is your e-mail. We don’t collect or ask you about your Betfair username or password. Betfair checkes every software programming code to ensure that all customers are safe before it is certified as secure software and listed in BETFAIR APP DIRECTORY.

3. How to download the KingTrader software?

You can follow this LINK or click on “DOWNLOAD” on the the top of any page, then click on download button and software will start downloading process immediately.

4. How to register my e-mail?

You can follow this LINK or click on “REGISTRATION” on the the top of any page, type your valid e-mail, 6 security characters and click Register button. You will receive confirmation email that you sucessfully registered you email.

5. Why do I need to register my e-mail?

Betfair rules say that we don’t collect and operate with users username or password. E-mail is a practical way to communicate, identify and record every user. So, it is very important that you register valid e-mail that you have access to.

6. Why I can't login?

We have listed login errors to provide you with the most common errors and solutions. Follow this LINK to see the list or open the application and click on the question mark icon on the KingTrader login page.

7. Can I use the software with more than one Betfair account?

Yes, but please note that each KingTrader subscription only works with one Betfair account. Be aware that Betfair doesn’t allow multiple accounts, but for example your friend can subscribe and use your computer to login.

8. Is there a training mode so that I can practise using the software without risking real money?

Of course, just check Practice mode checkbox on KingTrader login page and login as usual. When you log in, you will see in the left top corner that you are currently using Practice mode.

9. Do you provide support if I get stuck using KingTrader?

Yes. Our friendly support team are available to help you through any issues regarding to KingTrader software. Feel free to CONTACT US at any time.